A Perfect Evening


A moment just before the sun sets.

Last night was one of those rare perfect evenings.

Not because of anything in particular, but a combination of lovely things coinciding.

The evening started well with lesson planning over a rare fresh coffee at the cafe opposite school.

It got better when I happened to be online at the same time as some of my best mates from home, Cat and her boyfriend Ed, and Sam. I lived with Cat for a while, and Sam has been one of my closest friends since I took up climbing a few years ago. They are both living in New Zealand at the moment, and happened to be in the same place for a night. We couldn’t resist a video call. It was amazing to catch up with them and we were still chatting away even as the coffee shop closed around me.

I cycled home at dusk, a beautiful time of day here, everything golden.

By the time I arrived home, it was time to eat. I was pleased when Nuan joined me. Inevitably she poured white whisky into two small glasses and we drank together too.

At the weekend I received a welcome letter and a couple of CDs in the post from another of my closest friends, Craig.

As soon as I had got back to Santi Suk on Sunday I had given them to Nuan. She had asked me just the week before if I had any, as they have a DVD player but nothing to play. Last night, she played them for the first time.

One was my all time favourite band, Fat Freddy’s Drop’s new album. The other a chilled out mix tape. It was perfect music for an already perfect evening and we were soon all dancing around the living room together. I wished Craig could see how much joy a couple of CDs had brought.

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