A Bonnie Wee While

When the weather is good, there really is nowhere better in the world than the Scottish Highlands.


Wild and rugged, the landscape evokes feelings of times gone by, when life was simpler but made you tougher.

Monroes (mountains) roughened by centuries of weather stood proud beyond the shores of the loch (lake) we camped beside.

The fresh Spring sun, still weak from the harsh weather, warmed my face, bathed my eyes and bore light back into my soul after the long night of winter. The darkness banished in an instant and replaced instead by blue skies and the gentle sea breeze that rippled across the waters and into my hair and mouth and nose.

A Deer at Dawn

We were there, my boyfriend Ben and I, for a particularly special occasion – a wedding of two friends. The stunning location and the beautiful backdrop only served to make the ceremony, which was held outside at the foot of the lake, all the more moving.

Both Ben and I were in tears!

It was a perfect day, sunshine and cloudless, sandwiched between two much duller days. Lucy and Colin, the newly wed couple, cycled off for a few quiet moments together on bikes that Ben and I decorated before returning for a massive meal with all of us guests.

The Decorated Bicycles

It had been an epic 8 hour drive to get there, but it was well worth the journey. The wedding day started with a wild swim in the loch, and the weekend followed on from there.

The day after the wedding we hiked up The Old Man of Storr, on Skye, where Lucy, the bride, and I donned our birthday suits and practiced a little yoga on the top. We mountain biker, climbed mountains, ate well and camped in the van. It was an amazing weekend.

My feet have been getting itchy, my rat, hungry for while now. It has been a while since my last big adventure over a year ago…

At first, I loved being home. It felt good to see everyone, to catch up and have mini adventures. I didn’t miss the road at all. Of late, I have struggled to find my place but this mini trip to the remote wilds of Scotland revived me, like a long drink for a thirsty soul.

Thanks & Congratulations Colin & Lucy…and Good Luck for your upcoming adventure!

Beautiful Dawn

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