The walk to school.

Last night I went with Cru Aew and her daughter, Boh Beng, on a spontaneous visit to Mae Sariang.

Cru Aew works in Maela Suksa Pretom (primary) and speaks very good English. She used to be the English teacher in Matteyum. “Cru” means teacher, and over here all the teachers are called “Cru …”, even her daughter calls her Cru Aew.

Boh Beng works in Mae La Noi, as a nurse in the maternity ward there. She works intense shifts and after Mae Sariang returned to work a night shift. Today she has 8 hours off between shifts to sleep.

After an enjoyable visit to Mae Sariang, Cru Aew dropped me back at home. My bicycle was still at her house, so this morning I walked to school with Namsup and Kakar, his best friend. We had a lot of fun in the cool of the morning.

It is also amazing what you notice when you are walking that you don’t notice on a bicycle.

Beneath a wooden house built on stilts I watched a lady work a loom, slowly but surely creating a beautiful traditional garment. Everybody here takes great pride in wearing traditional clothes and it was amazing to see someone making them.




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