Back at Home

It has been more than a month since I arrived home now.

A lot of travelers I have met talk about the dread of going home and the post-trip blues. I cannot relate to either of these as being home has been amazing for me.

Having been away for the best part of two years, it has been a pleasure and a privilege to catch up with so many old friends and family! I have loved every minute and though it may not be as new as travelling all the time, it is just as exciting! There is nothing quite as amazing as having friends who have known you since childhood and reminiscing about all those old times and memories together! 🙂

It is also a huge privilege that I am able to give a few talks about my experiences. As I prepare for them, it has given me an amazing and rare opportunity to relive and process some of the experiences of the past few years.

I will be speaking at the following places:

York Children’s University Graduation Ceremony (private event)

Fadmoor Village Hall on 14th July 2017 from 7-9pm. Advance Tickets £5, Tickets on the door £6

The Basement, York on 17th July 2017. Doors Open 7pm. Advance Tickets £5 Tickets on the Door £6

**Booking in advance recommended – places are filling up fast!**

Thanks again for all the support and encouragement as I have journeyed and for reading my blog!

York & Fadmoor dates Poster

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