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A Motorbike Tour

I rolled (quite literally) into the very edge of Sapa town in the north of Vietnam completely bedraggled and close to tears. This was not how I had imagined our arrival to our final destination. Just moments before my bike’s … Continue reading

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Vang Vieng

When people first told me about Vang Vieng, back in December 2015, it sounded like my worst nightmare. A bunch of drunk tourists taking trips down the river in tractor inner tubes…? Not my thing. But, I was going through … Continue reading

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The Little Things

Living in the village, beyond anything else, feels incredibly normal. Yet there are a thousand small things that make living here a totally different experience to any that I have had before. Buildings here might only have a floor and … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye

Well, I have left Mae La Luang and am now sitting in Maddy’s Dad’s beautiful apartment in Bangkok. It is somewhat surreal to think that my time in the school is over. It turned out to be 10 weeks, a … Continue reading

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Family Life

Whilst I cannot claim to be any kind of expert on Thai or Karen life, it did not take much time here to realise that there are some profound differences between family life here and that in the UK. For … Continue reading

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Thailand has just three seasons, the Cold Season, which we are just coming to the end of, the Hot Season which is just beginning and the Wet Season which happens later in the year. No prizes for guessing what each … Continue reading

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Mae Sariang

Being the only “Farang” (Westerner) in the area is great, giving me a unique opportunity to immerse myself in local culture and practice Thai. However, sometimes it is tiring and I was excited at the prospect of a weekend away … Continue reading

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