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A Slow Boat Ride.

It takes two days to travel upriver on the Mekong from Laung Prabang to Huayxai, a small town on the border with Thailand. The boat is beautiful. Built entirely out of wood it follows the style of a long boat. … Continue reading

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Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang is by far the most touristy place I have been yet. I thought Hanoi was full of foreigners but it is at least balanced by hundreds more locals living in the city. In contrast, Luang Prabang seemed to … Continue reading

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A Sleeper Bus to Laos

I crossed the border by sleeper bus from Hanoi. I had not been on a sleeper before so had no idea what to expect but booked it through the hostel for convenience. I was collected from the hostel by a … Continue reading

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Christmas In Vietnam

Arriving into Hanoi late at night has to be the best way to do it. The streets are bustling with activity. The traffic is crazy. Hundreds of motorbikes, scooters and taxis speeding in every direction. They do not stop for … Continue reading

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Navigating China

Turning up in China, I expected, as usual, to withdraw money from an ATM when I arrived. No such luck. I got off the train without a crucial word in Chinese – “Bank”. I kept trying to ask people in … Continue reading

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Yangshuo, China

At last! Internet that works as normal again! 🙂 Although I downloaded a VPN I was pretty much unable to use it after the first week in China, hence why I have not updated my blog before this moment. I … Continue reading

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A (little) Piece of China

I was glad to leave Beijing. The smog is infamous and with good reason. In the four days I was there I did not witness a clear day. On the train I even learnt from a friendly Chinese man the word and … Continue reading

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