A Bath with Wine and an amazing View

After an intense few months in the mountains of Thailand, Maddy and I were both ready for some downtime. Her Dad has an apartment in Bangkok, and it was the perfect place to unwind.

I am not usually a huge fan of cities, or of doing nothing. But this was different. We had a lovely apartment to relax in, with incredible views over the city and complete with kitchen to cook in. We slept in, used the gym in the bottom of the building and the yoga studio everyday for free. We relaxed and read books by the swimming pool and generally just had time to unwind and make plans for the future.


Handstands in the Yoga Studio

We went to the local market to buy food and then cooked for ourselves everyday. We went to a jazz bar one evening, and one of the best saxophone players just happened to be playing that evening. Our one drink turned into three but we had an amazing evening.

I hadn’t realised just how full on living with a family and teaching English for ten weeks had been until I wasn’t doing it anymore. It felt so luxurious to have time to myself and to have the ability to sit quietly next to Maddy and say nothing for a while.

Massive thanks to her Dad for letting us use his beautiful apartment and to Maddy for a great week in Bangkok.

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