Tha Sa Pha Inh Cave

I have spent the best part of the last two weeks at The Green Climbers Inn, just outside Thakek in Laos.

It is an amazing place, set in it’s own valley between the hills. It is super sociable because unlike most places, it has no wifi.

I camped, something I love to do and have been missing. Despite the hot weather I slept well, with my tent door open to the night sky. 

I climbed almost every day on incredible rock formations.

In the afternoons, especially on the hottest days, we would go to one of the local caves to swim and relax in the cooler air. Sometimes we would slackline. At night we would have campfires under the big rock roof or in the cave next to the campsite.

On days off from climbing I cycled around the area or into Thakek. I had my first official Thai massage in Laos.

I visited the Buddha Cave, discovered just a few years ago by a local man, with over 200 small stone statues of Buddha inside. Like many of the local caves, it is a holy place and now looked after by locals.

I also visited the cave in the photo, just a short walk away from the Climbers Inn. It was the most beautiful cave I have ever been to. Although you are not really supposed to swim there…I couldn’t resist a quick refreshing dip.

I feel so relaxed and met so many amazing people. I am now travelling to the South of Thailand with some of them to Tonsai, another climbing Mecca and the place I will meet one of my best friends from home, Mary. I am excited!

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