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A Bonnie Wee While

When the weather is good, there really is nowhere better in the world than the Scottish Highlands. Wild and rugged, the landscape evokes feelings of times gone by, when life was simpler but made you tougher. Monroes (mountains) roughened by … Continue reading

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The Land of Lakes & Light

It is in fact, Finland, Sweden’s neighbour, that boasts to be the “Land of A Thousand Lakes” and yet it is here that we have really been awed by beautiful bodies of water as we cycle past lake after lake.  … Continue reading

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A Charmed Life

What a wonderfully​ charmed life I live! I sat on a tree trunk with knees bent like those pictures of woodland fairies on toadstools. It had fallen to the ground years ago and was now covered in a sprinkling of … Continue reading

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Visiting the Tsaatan

  The Tsaatan, literally “Reindeer People”, are an indigenous community who live in the heart of the Darkhan Depression, a mountainous region in the north of Mongolia. It is a vast area covered in larch woodland and scattered with small … Continue reading

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