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Have a Little Faith

Travelling of all descriptions requires a little faith, but none as much as cycle touring, or rather, I should say, travelling with a bicycle as we try to navigate buses, trains and pedestrian only areas in foreign countries. I had … Continue reading

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Christmas 2016

The landscape that surrounds Yangshuo is as extraordinary as its reputation suggests. It would be completely flat, except for the hundreds of limestone karsts scattered across the area: huge mounds of white and orange rock protruding from the ground. There … Continue reading

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阳朔 (Yangshuo)

I’ve said it before, but Yangshuo is a special place. It is not typical China. Being as beautiful as it is, it attracts tourists from not only the rest of China, but also the rest of the world, and as … Continue reading

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Travelling China

Many travelers that I meet in South East Asia believe that travelling in China is difficult. This seems to be for two main reasons; firstly, the visa can seem difficult to obtain and secondly, the language barrier. The Visa So, … Continue reading

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Navigating China

Turning up in China, I expected, as usual, to withdraw money from an ATM when I arrived. No such luck. I got off the train without a crucial word in Chinese – “Bank”. I kept trying to ask people in … Continue reading

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Yangshuo, China

At last! Internet that works as normal again! 🙂 Although I downloaded a VPN I was pretty much unable to use it after the first week in China, hence why I have not updated my blog before this moment. I … Continue reading

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A (little) Piece of China

I was glad to leave Beijing. The smog is infamous and with good reason. In the four days I was there I did not witness a clear day. On the train I even learnt from a friendly Chinese man the word and … Continue reading

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The Great Wall of China

It has to be China’s most famous historical feature and of course, I had to visit it. It did not disappoint, though it was my what I expected! I set off from my hostel in the smoggy Beijing at 7am … Continue reading

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