Hong Kong – The Unknown and Unexpected

I arrived in Hong Kong three weeks ago, having traveled overland from Cambodia via Vietnam and China by bus and train. I was starting a new job, with people I didn’t know and in a place I had never been before. I was inevitably a little nervous.

Hong Kong is famous for being a big city. A city of skyscrapers and a worldwide commerce hub. Despite being told by friends it was beautiful and easy to escape the city, more than once over the past few months I have wondered if I wanted to live there.

I should have believed them!


In the New Territory – not a building in sight!

Hong Kong is amazing. It is a huge city, and when I am in amongst the skyscrapers trying to navigate the bustling streets I do feel totally out of my depth. But I barely spend any time in the city so this happens rarely and in manageable amounts!

I live on Lamma island, which has no high buildings, no cars and is a ferry ride away from Central Hong Kong. Except for a huge power station in one corner, which is, in its own way still an impressive sight, Lamma is relatively unspoilt, with beautiful beaches and green hills, perfect for running, swimming and kayaking and my most recent discovery – Ultimate Frisbee!


A sunset paddle along the coast! 🙂

Outside of Lamma there is access to sport climbing and bouldering, mountain biking, surfing and some beautiful hikes. As well as all that, Hong Kong is a place with lots of music, arts, yoga and culture. Having been unsure of what Hong Kong would be like, and whether I could live there for a few months, I’m now wondering if a few months is long enough! After all, what more could a girl dream of?! 🙂


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