Chiang Khong

I spent my first evening back in Thailand in Chiang Khong, a small border town on Mekong river.

It felt amazing to be back in a country in which I felt so at home. I stayed in a small hotel with a lady who spoke only a little English, so I was soon practicing my Thai with her, much to both of our enjoyments!

After a much needed shower (having been travelling for several days) I walked along the riverside edge and stumbled across the perfect place to eat. It was set on the edge of a jetty. Plastic tables and brightly coloured plastic stools. A makeshift kitchen spilling out of the truck’s boot and the friendliest man and his wife running the place.

I ordered my food (Green Papaya Salad and Sticky Rice! Yes!). On discovering I spoke a little Thai, he insisted that I try some of his homemade whisky which actually turned out to be quite delicious, and some of his special local soup, which was also tasty. After he had served his other customers and eaten with his family he joined me to drink some more whisky and chat. I was so happy to be speaking Thai again although I realised just how much I had forgotten in the three months I have been away.

It was the perfect welcome back to a country I love.

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