Family Life

I live with Nuan and her husband Lipo. Nuan is 47 years old. A sprightly, energetic lady full of laughter. She smiles all the time, and though she speaks about as much English as I do Thai, so not very much, already I really like her. By contrast Lipo seems more serious, although still very gentle and friendly, he is not quite as quick to smile and laugh as Nuan is.

They look after their two grandchildren, Namsup and Namchai. Namsup, as I’m sure most 5 year old boys do around the world, loves playing football and it didn’t take long to win him over with a kickaround in the park. Namchai on the other hand was a little more difficult to win over. For a long time I thought Namchai’s name was “Booby” because this is what Nuan calls her a lot. It was only yesterday I finally clicked that this is Nuan’s pronunciation of “baby” and she calls Namchai “baby” a lot. She is only 2, but is tall for her age and looks about 5 as well.

However, if ever there was a 2-year-old living up to the expression “terrible twos”, she would be the one. She is quick to fly into a temper and when she does, you could believe her little world had ended. She will wail, and scream, throw things and hit people. She will stamp her feet with such frustration until finally she will literally hurl herself onto the ground, thrashing and kicking and screaming.

Luckily, being only two, she is also usually easily distracted and soon calm once more descends and it is as if she was never angry at all. Nuan pays little attention to her screaming, and instead seems to find great entertainment from the theatrics of it all. I can understand why, it is hard not to be impressed by such passion, even if it is from a two year old!

Sometimes when I am outside doing some yoga, one, or both will come and lie next to me for a cuddle. It does somewhat hamper the yoga but I can’t deny that their affection, so readily given after just one week, is adorable. I feel very welcomed into their home. J

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