Wanderlust for Wild Places

Into the unknown (again)…


Once more I find myself sitting on a ferry, with no firm plans and just a vague idea what the near future holds.

I love wild places, I love adventures and whilst I know you do not need to leave the UK to satisfy both those desires, this is the start of just such a journey.

I try not to fly because it has such devastating effects on our wonderful world. Though all travel has some impact, I try as much as possible to tread lightly (though I’m not so good at packing light!).

This blog will document my journey as I travel overland through Europe to Moscow where I will board the trans siberian train. From there I will travel across Russia, Mongolia and China. After this I will travel on to Laos and then finally Thailand, where I will (visas permitting) spend three months living with the Karen tribe.

All being well this will take me 8,000 miles to the end of March 2016. As for how I will get back again, well that remains to be planned! 🙂

Thanks for reading and welcome along on my journey.