Into the unknown (again)…

Once more I find myself sitting on a ferry, with no firm plans and just a vague idea what the near future holds.

I love wild places, I love adventures and whilst I know you do not need to leave the UK to satisfy both those desires, this is the start of just such a journey.

I try not to fly because it has such devastating effects on our wonderful world. Though all travel has some impact, I try as much as possible to tread lightly (though I’m not so good at packing light!).

This blog will document my journey as I travel overland through Europe to Moscow where I will board the trans siberian train. From there I will travel across Russia, Mongolia and China. After this I will travel on to Laos and then finally Thailand, where I will (visas permitting) spend three months living with the Karen tribe.

All being well this will take me 8,000 miles to the end of March 2016. As for how I will get back again, well that remains to be planned! 🙂

Thanks for reading and welcome along on my journey.

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2 Responses to Into the unknown (again)…

  1. Lucy Goldsmith says:

    Have an amazing journey and experience Laura. So glad we got to catch up while you were back! It was so lovely to see you again! Good luck xxx


  2. Karen Allen says:

    Australia to Thailand is so close relatively speaking but think it may involve a flight or perhaps a ride on a container ship. Love to cross paths with you again. Safe Travels Lou. Heart hugs, Karen


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